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Our Constitution


As independent medical / health service providers the membership of the Medical Tourism Association of South Africa are committed to maintaining the highest quality standards of service excellence as facilitators of health services to Foreign / International patients travelling to South Africa for Medical / Surgical Treatment.



The Medical Tourism Association of South Africa, incorporated as a section 21 Non Profit Organization # 2006/023040/08, is a professional body representing South Africa’s leading Medical / Health Tourism service providers: Tour Operators, Facilitators and Medical Evacuation, Agents, Hospitals, Doctors offering the highest standards of independent logistical support and assistance to private and insured patients, corporate companies and governments throughout the world who wish to avail themselves of the undisputed quality of medical facilities, medical treatment, services and specialists available to them within South Africa. 



The membership of the Medical Tourism Association of South Africa, who already have the highest benchmark standards in place, will continue to work independently of one another yet offer the highest quality and provide transparency of product and service to both local and foreign clients. Thus enabling clients to make an informed choice with regards to the professional services offered by doctors, surgeons, clinics, medical facilities, service providers and Facilitators best suited to their individual needs within South Africa

  • Representing the collective interests of professional Medical / Health Service Providers assisting patients seeking treatment in South Africa.
  • Adhere to a code of conduct and respect the medical tourist rights as a patient / consumer,
  • Offering adequate accredited training of staff handling foreign patients/ clients.
  • Maintaining the highest standards of ethical business practice, accountability and objectivity.
  • Promoting and developing medical tourism, South Africa’s growing niche market industry, both locally and internationally as a medical/ health cluster.
  • Functioning as a network forum between the various industries associated with medical tourism in South Africa.
  • Facilitating new business opportunities and investments in order to promote the future growth of the South African Medical Tourism Industry.
  • Promoting South Africa as the leading destination for the medical tourist seeking a quality product and service.
  • Creating dialogue with government departments in the interests of creating wealth for the country as a whole.
  • Seeking support for the medical tourism industry as a growth market opportunity within the South African economy.
  • Establishing open dialogue with the South African Medical Council and its associated professional bodies.


  • This code is designed to regulate any activities of Members between themselves and members of the public; between themselves and both non members and member Principals; between themselves and their fellow Members and between themselves and other medical and travel concerns.
  • This code recognises and embodies the relevant parts of all acts of Parliament and Government regulations which relate to the Medical and Travel industry as well as the codes and regulations of recognised organizations or associations such as the Advertising Standards Authority, which shall regulate the standards and practices of Members in relation to advertising.
  • This code recognises the necessity for enforcement of its standards and practices and embodies measures and procedures by which Members can uphold observance of the Code under the authority of the Executive Committee of the Association.


Standard of Service

  • Members shall maintain a high standard in serving the public and shall comply with all relevant statutory requirements.
  • Members shall make every effort to ensure that accurate information is provided to enable clients to exercise an informed judgment in making their choice of facilities.


  • No advertisement, document, statement or other publication, whether in writing or otherwise, shall contain anything which is likely to mislead the public.

Alterations to or Cancellation of Medical / Travel Arrangements by Members

  • When alterations are made to medical travel arrangements for which bookings have already been accepted, Members shall inform their clients immediately they are advised of the situation by a Principal, or another travel concern and act as intermediaries between such Principals and their clients in any subsequent negotiations.

  • A member shall not cancel a medical or travel arrangements after the date when payment of the balance of the price becomes due unless it is necessary to do as a result of hostilities, political unrest or other circumstances amounting to force majeure, or unless the client defaults in payment of such balance.

  • If a member has to cancel a tour or travel arrangements as the result of circumstances amounting to a force majeure, he shall inform agents and direct clients without delay and shall offer clients the choice of an alternative tour or travel arrangements, at least comparable in standard, if available, or alternatively a prompt and full refund of all money paid less reasonable expenses.

  • Should a material alterations become necessary to a tour or travel arrangement for which bookings have already been made, the Member concerned shall inform clients without delay and shall offer such clients the choice of either accepting the alteration, which must be of comparable standard, or of receiving a prompt and full refund of all money paid, less reasonable expenses when the alteration is due to circumstances amounting to force majeure.

Cancellation by Clients

  • A Member shall clearly state in his booking conditions the amount of the cancellation fees which the client shall be liable to incur, as
    well as the terms and conditions under which the client shall be liable to incur such fees.


  • Complaints shall be dealt with promptly and efficiently and in the event of a dispute with a client, every effort shall be made to
    settle the matter amicably and as quickly as possible.
  • Where complaints are of such a nature that reference to a Principal is necessary, a Member shall use his best endeavor, acting as intermediary, to bring about a satisfactory conclusion.

Transactions and Correspondence

  • Transactions with clients shall be treated as confidential and correspondence shall be dealt with promptly.
  • Members shall give a full service to the Principals they represent and shall conform to all lawful and reasonable instructions issued to them as agents of such Principals.
  • Member shall always carry out contractual obligations in an honorable manner and observe the rules, regulations and conditions of business of Principals.
  • Members and their staff shall make themselves conversant with the tariffs, rules and regulations of the Principals with whom they have dealings and visa versa.
  • Members should accept or release accommodation and other reserved services as quickly as possible and within the periods stipulated by the Principal.
  • Members shall endeavor always to adhere to truthful statements and to good taste when called upon to express opinions of any other travel organization.
  • Members will always settle suppliers accounts promptly and within the period specified of payments becoming due.
  • Whenever a complaint or grievance by a client involves any Principal, Members will give the Principal concerned every opportunity to make a full investigation before taking any action against the Principal or seeking to publicise the grievance.


  • Members shall deal fairly with one another and shall not damage the reputation of, nor disparage the business practices of or services offered by fellow member
  • Members providing tourism transport services will not operate any services unless fully authorized to do so and unless licenses and qualification for the treatment and conveyance of medical tourists, issued by the Operating / Practice License Board are held.
  • Members will not use the services of providers who do not have the necessary licenses to operate medical or tourist services requiring the authority of the Operating / Practice License Board
  • Members shall not allow non-licensed companies nor individuals to utilize their licenses with the object of circumventing the Operating / Practice License Board regulations.


  • Any Member becoming aware of unethical practices on the part of fellow Members should advise the Executive Committee of MTASA, providing full information and evidence of the alleged malpractices.
  • In the event of an infringement of this Code of Conduct, all facts pertaining to the alleged infringement will be fully examined by the
    Association’s Executive Committee.
  • The Member against whom an allegation has been made shall provide, at the request of the Executive Committee, such further information or documentation as may be required within such period as may be specified.
  • The Executive Committee shall, before reaching any final conclusions, give the Member concerned the opportunity of making representations either personally or in writing in cases where disciplinary action if imposed can result in a reprimand and,
    or, fine or expulsion.
  • The Executive Committee’s decision in regard to a reprimand, fine or expulsion shall be taken in terms of the Constitution and shall be binding on the Member concerned.


  • Members shall familiarise themselves and their staff with the provisions of this Code of Conduct.
  • Members shall observe not only the letter but also the spirit of the Code of Conduct and its ethics and ideals thus giving true significance to the aims and objectives of the Association.
  • All advertising material and brochures produced by Members must indicate membership of the Association and carry the MTASA
    logo. Members must also display the MTASA insignia in a prominent position in their business premises.

Levels of membership, Criteria & FEES Categories of MTASA membership
A MTASA member should fall into one of the categories and one subcategory mentioned below. If a member wants to be listed in more than one category or sub-category on the MTASA website, an additional fee of R 400 per listing is levied.
NATIONAL This level of membership is available for applicants that are South African registered businesses, nationally orientated (or wishing to be National Level members) and/or who wish to participate in the international marketing opportunities within the Industry. National Members are entitled to 1 (one) vote.

  • Medical Facilitator

(Members, who enable the a process for medical / health treatment to happen, allowing clients / patients to find solutions to medical problems – can only be done with networks and associated relationships)

  • Medical Facilitator: Acts as a co-ordinator between the client/ patient and other medical / health service provider by arranging treatment itineraries, accommodation, Handle local logistics etc.
  • Operator with transport: A business (owning its own vehicles) arranging medical / health tour itineraries and accommodation.
  • Operator without transport: A business that arranges and runs medical facilitation, but hires in vehicles when necessary from a reputable company.
  • Medical / Travel Agent

(Members, who offer Medical Treatment and/or subcontracts business for reward, – often for a specific procedure)

  • Operator with transport: A business (owning its own vehicles) arranging medical / health tour itineraries and accommodation.
  • Operator without transport: A business that arranges and runs medical facilitation, but hires in vehicles when necessary from a reputable company.
  • Medical/ Travel Agent: An agent specialising in making travel arrangements and booking accommodation arrangements for medical treatment.
  • Medical Evacuation Company
  • Medical Insurers

(Member: who gives customers financial protection against harm such as illness in return for payment premium)

  • Medical Professional - Doctors / Dentist / Specialist / Auxiliary Services

(Member: who is qualified and licensed to give patients medical treatment)

  • Medical Hospital Facility

(Member: who owns and / or runs a registered Hospital / Clinic facility where patients / clients receive medical, surgical, or psychiatric treatment and nursing care, trained to look after sick or injured people.)

  • Accommodation

(Members providing accommodation for medical recuperation)

  • Bed and Breakfast: Accommodation in a private home with a live-in family.
  • Guest House: Often owner-managed (not live-in), with public areas for exclusive use by guests.
  • Homestay: Accommodation with a family in their house.
  • Hotel Group: A holding company that owns / manages a number of hotels.
  • Hotel: An establishment that provides accommodation, and generally makes food/beverage services available to its guests.
  • Self Catering: Accommodation where equipment and facilities are provided for the guests to cater for themselves.
  • Transport
    (Members owning their own means of transport)
  • Airline: An air carrier that has scheduled flights.
  • Air Charter: An air carrier that can tailor their flights to meet requirements.
  • Transfer Company: A business that transfers fare paying passengers between destinations on public roads.
  • Other: Any other business owning transport
  • Medical / Health Tourism Services and Associations
    (Members providing a service to medical tourism product owners)
  • Associations: An organisation (usually non-profit) with members.
  • Attraction: A venue or national site which is of interest to be viewed or visited by tourists.
  • Communications: A business offering communications services to tourism businesses.
  • Destination Marketing Organisation: A non-profit marketing body
  • Technology: A company offering technology-related services to tourism enterprises – e.g.: website development, software, etc.
  • Insurance: An insurance company whose core business is insurance pertinent to medical / health and / or tourism.
  • Legal: A company offering legal assistance for medical and / or tourism-related issues.
  • Marketing Company: A company that markets for-profit medical / health/ tourism businesses.
  • Medical Assistance: A business offering medical assistance to tourism enterprises.
  • Publishing: A business offering publishing services to tourism enterprises.
  • Security: A company offering security services to tourism enterprises.
  • Medical Tourism Assistance: A body offering assistance such as funding or training to medical tourism enterprises or students.
  • Training Body/Edu –Medical / Tourism/ Schools: A company whose core business is training directed and pertinent to medical tourism.
  • Other: Any other business offering a service in the medical tourism industry.
  • Medical / Health Business Tourism
    (Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events/Exhibitions)
  • Conferencing / Events Organiser: A business that arranges an entire conference including speakers, venue, accommodation, etc.
  • Destination Management Company: A business that manages a whole destination for a group related to a conference / event.
  • Exhibition Centre: A venue specifically designed or adapted to meet the requirements of exhibition or events organisers.
  • Exhibition Organiser: A business focusing on organising exhibitions.
  • Incentives Company: A local service organisation that provides consulting services, creative events and exemplary management of logistics based on an in-depth knowledge of the destination and the needs of the incentive and motivation market.
  • Staging and Productions: A business focusing on organising productions.

ASSOCIATE MEMBERSHIP - Associate Membership applies to other medical/ health/ tourism associations, regional authorities, and non-profit marketing bodies that are directly linked to medical / health tourism, and who cannot qualify for other levels of membership, but display a keen interest in MTASA’s activities, subscribe to MTASA’s objectives and wish to maintain close links with the Industry. Associate Members join on a reciprocal basis, do not have voting rights and cannot hold office.

INTERNATIONAL MEMBERSHIP - This level of membership is directed at those companies and international travel associations who wish to maintain close links with current medical / health tourism trends in Southern Africa and with MTASA members in particular. This level of member has no voting rights or direct MTASA benefits. However, International Members receive all communications.

This level of membership is available to those businesses that are located in a Region within Southern Africa, but beyond the boundaries of the Republic of South Africa, and wish to maintain close links with South African partners.

All MTASA members are entitled to attend meetings as well as the MTASA AGM. Members will be listed on the Website under which their business operates – e.g.: Hospital, Medical Facilitator, Medical Agent, Accommodation, Medical Doctor … etc

General Membership Criteria

  • Registered Company with business interests in medical / health tourism.
  • Hospital Facilities - Certification
  • Accommodation - Grading
  • Medical Doctors and Specialists + qualifications + associations + registration + insurances
  • Medical Evaluation process used for the patient prior to travel done by the doctor / surgeon whom will attend to the patient in South Africa.
  • Transportation + licenses + insurance
  • Specify assistance and support offered to patients pre and post treatment
  • Transparency of service offered
  • Training - Accreditation

2009/2010 Membership Fees

On application
A non-refundable APPLICATION FEE of R (incl. VAT) is required.
Please note: No documentation will be processed without payment of this application fee.

On approval:
(All fees include VAT and are payable on receipt of invoice)

  • Annual International / National membership fee is R (incl. VAT)
  • Associate Membership is on a reciprocal basis (i.e.: no membership fee)

MTASA reserves the right to charge 2% interest per month 90 days after date of Invoice

Member Benefits

  • Being part of MTASA enables any member to have extensive networking opportunities with other members as well as leading industry figures.
  • Members are listed on the database and Website
  • Use of the MTASA logo in all marketing and advertising material
  • Lobbying of Government on important issues
  • Updates on Industry events and news
  • Extensive networking and becoming recognised both locally and internationally as quality medical tourism providers.

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